CP800 out of Beta soon! should we Open Source it?

CP800 out of Beta soon! should we Open Source it?

Very shortly, say a month or so, our CP800 will be out of Beta , meaning it will be ready for sale! At the same time, we been pondering whether we should Open Source this project, what do you guys reckon? Email us what you think. 

I will be first to admit this is not a perfect machine (yet is the current iPhone model the perfect machine? if yes why are we having newer model every year?) but it definitely had lots of rolls under it's belt and will have even more as we speak. It has also done c-41 colour too. 

2022 is in full swing; Summer has come to pass. We’ve spent countless hours fine-tuning CP800 since we last checked in. Our litter of prototypes are settling into their forever homes - local and abroad.

Processing Drum CAD screen capture.

We have toiled over the processing drum, focussing on chemistry cross-contamination and leak proofing. The latter proved quite problematic due to the porosity of 3D printed components. Resin printing may be a viable solution further down the road. However, noticeable improvements we made outsourcing to dedicated print farms with premium filament and nozzles. What’s more, we can report a significant reduction in overnight print crashes since reserving our in house printers for smaller scaled components *sigh of relief*

Textbook print crash, now few and far between.

Chemistry cross-contamination was the next hurdle. The singular capacitive sensor would trip the pump off prematurely as the output lines surged with air leaving dregs inside the processing drum. Trace elements of the developer were mixing with water/rinse - effectively developing/pushing the film further than intended. The solution was a secondary inline capacitive sensor mounted ~100mm apart. With this addition the pump only trips when both sensors have synchronised. Additionally pumps run 15 seconds overtime to slurp out every last drop.

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