CP800 Update - One more month !

CP800 Update - One more month !

Gary Wong says—One more month! Is there an echo in this room?

It's been 12 long and enduring months since we launched our Kickstarter project. Now CP800 is [almost] ready for the world. Evolving from a tangle of wires into the black and white workhorse at FilmNeverDie AND the backbone of C41 colour processing at Troppo Film Lab for 3+ months—we owe you a cold one Alice Duncan.

The project has since moved to Open Source Initiative—dubbed Farbung [meaning ‘colouring’ in German] and Released under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. This allows the community access to source code and freedom to build their own, on top of ensuring the best possible iteration for all future customers.

One more month! One more month! One more month!


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