NEW Photography classes on OFFER starting 11th of August!

After a soft launch of year of Education for 2016 and selling a few of the courses, we gained new understanding and insights and decided to repackage and relaunch the classes.  As a result we brought on Dan Sibley. 

Dan Sibley is an Australian print based artist and curator. He is the co-creator, curator of Working in a range of mediums; his work explores the colloquial aspect of place and identity within the Australian cultural framework. Dan has exhibited nationally and internationally and has a folio of traditional print based works in the National Gallery of Australia’s works on paper collection. You can check out his impressive CV here.

Below are the newly structured classes tailored towards a holistic approach to photography. We welcome both digital or film, as we believe in the image regardless of the medium. 

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Plus we are now offering all these classes on the WEEKENDS

Introduction to Photography
Participants can expect to learn about evolution of cameras are out there and the basic operation of these different types of cameras. These includes the explanation what makes up a camera, lens, shutter, aperture, etc , what makes up the film / sensor , eg ISO, sensor / film format. Max 4 per group. 


Composition and Perspective

Participants will partake in a set of discussions and practical exercises to get them thinking about the dynamics that make successful photographs. The intention of the class is to not only talk about “rules”. but rather a whole attitude to photography. Max 4 per group





The Honest Truth

Present a folio of work for discussion and critique. We identify motivations and ways that participant can improve their images and more importantly the concepts behind them. One to one tuition. 




Guided Street Photography Class
Participants will learn about techniques and approaches that will allow them to overcome the initial anxieties that often come when start out shooting people in the street. We will look at the ethics of street photography, as well as your rights as a photographer. Max 10 per group.

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