New Pricing Strategy and daily buying limits

New Pricing Strategy and daily buying limits

We also get a lot of people asking about 35mm colour film, and we feel you! Yours and our patience for more film to arrive has paid off and we are happy to announce that we got some colour films now from Kodak!

We also received a limited batch of expired KIRO colour film (or we should say the films were not kept well thus colour shift has appeared). We have not had the chance to test how bad the colour shift is but will do so next week. 

We listened to your feedback on film prices!  We have update our pricing strategy to make it more competitive in the market. For the same reason we will also need to apply buying limits to ensure everyone get a chance to buy some of the popular film types, the daily buying limits on some films such as GOLD and KIRO will be two rolls. 

Also because of the film shortage we are no long selling pro pack expect for 120 until the stock supply has return back to normal. 

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