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The Intrepid Camera Co - the answer to my dream on a new analog camera ( almost )

October 24, 2018

Since we started FilmNeverDie, we longed of the day where we can see the production of new film camera back in action again, ideally a 35mm or 120 format.

Though not both of these two dream format , 35mm or 120 but The Intrepid Camera Co. from Brighton and Hove City, UK, like their respectively soccer (or football) club is definitely kicking goal and playing at the top flight. 

From their humble beginning of 4 x 5 affordable large format camera Kickstarter project, back in 2015 and then their 8 x 10 affordable large format camera Kickstarter project in 2017, now they are bringing the darkroom back with their latest offering below.

If you are thinking of getting into large format or thinking of setting up a darkroom, this is definitely a project you want to pay attention to. 


quoting from their press releases:

Traditionally enlarging and printing from your negatives has been reserved only to those with the space and budget for professional darkroom setups. But The Intrepid Enlarger is not like other enlargers - it is a simple, small, lightbox that attaches to a 4x5 camera (just like a film holder), transforming it into a capable and versatile photographic enlarger. Not only can it be used to make prints from 4x5 film but also 120 and even 35mm.

In the darkroom, bathroom or any other space you can make dark it works just like a standard enlarger. You mount your negative, focus the image, make some test exposures then work your way towards a print that you love. The kit is so portable you can fold it away when your done and could even take it on a trip.

The full kit consists of a Lightbox attachment to fit to the back of any Graflok 4x5 camera, a programmable Timer to accurately control exposure, swappable carriers for your negatives, a multigrade filter holder and lens board to attach an enlarger lens. All you need to add is a tripod or copy stand and an enlarging lens (or standard 4x5 lens).

The Lightbox can also be used by itself to create high quality scans from your negatives using just a digital camera, a tripod and a computer/smartphone. This method is great for those that don’t have the space or budget for a flatbed scanner. We have spent two years designing and testing the Intrepid Enlarger but in order to bring it to life and begin manufacturing it we need some help.

It launched on Kickstarter on October 4th and will run until November 3rd, backers can pledge as much or as little as they wish in exchange for a range of rewards and the chance to get their hands on the first production run of the Enlarger.

Kickstarter link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1436129614/intrepid-4x5-enlarger-print-andscan-35mm-120-and?ref=user_menu

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