FilmNeverDie The New Space ! - a take from Sebastian Young

March 27, 2014






Polaroid 600 new Colour with Polaroid SLR680


Part 1 of the Story - How Seb found FilmNeverDie and jumped on board - click here


Now the Shop is almost brand new, with early Jazz Music playing in the background with warm, cosy, mesmerising Edision tungsten light globes hanging on top of the centre piece. But it was not always like that.

When I first started to work here (Late November 2013), the shop was cramped, with stock everywhere and was near impossible not to trip over something. The peeling red paint of the garage door gave it a seedy meth lab feel.

I had the chance to spend 3 weeks running the place by myself while Gaz was away on holiday and soon discovered the record player! Finding old Hip-Hop records to blast, and annoy the lady next door, oops!

So of course my infinite wisdom decided to take Instagram photos along with crappy home-made rap songs! White boys from Bendigo can't rap! I think I'll forget about that one... But the problem was, there was so much clutter, I could never find anything, so when Gary got back we realised we needed to do something about all this lack of room!


Seb painting the door, looking through a LC-A



So we decided to do something about it, and transform the shop! Well last week we started the process of cleaning up and re-arranging everything! I got roped into the painting of the front door black  (After getting halfway through my second layer of white paint, as that was what I was told, I got my revenge!)  (Thanks Dimity for helping me finish it off!) Gaz roped all his house-mates into tidying things up (special thanks for Eric, Lebin, Wei Wei too for helping out the process), throwing old crap out, buying display cabinets, getting new lights fitted and choosing music to play. 




Polaroid 600 new Colour with Polaroid SLR680
With Mint Fisheye Lens attached


So last Sunday we invited all our friends to the FilmNeverDie grand re-opening (Me being doubly hungover as usual on a Sunday, the vibe certainly perked me up a bit!) where we had 70 people come through to check out the new space (There is bits of floor I never knew actually existed in here). With lots of food, drinks, new photos up in the gallery, people, slides being projected and just an awesome vibe, we now have the transformed shop! With lots of cool things to look and play with, the sounds of Bing Crosby and Louie Armstrong, and two knowledgeable guys behind the counter (Gaz the polaroid expert, and me – the film geek who can talk about all the different kinds of 35 & 120 mm film for hours on end!)

We now invite YOU to come down to 374 Mile Lane, Parkville and check out the shop! We guarantee you won't wanna leave for a while! 

And for a special re-opening deal, we will be selling:

Impossible Project 600 colour white frame packs for $25!

Polaroid 600 round instant camera for $90!

Agfa 35mm Colour Neg 36 for $5!

You won't find a better price than that anywhere else!




in the next blog post I will talk about how I discover this Melbourne Gem FilmNeverDie! Stay-tuned.

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