Black & White Home Developing Bundle / Kit - only 3 items

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If you've ever wanted a quick kit to help you get get started developing black and white at home, here's your chance to grab one! For those with more time on their hands now, this is a great opportunity and bundle to get into self-developing. 

This kit includes all the tools necessary:

  • Patterson Tank
  • Thermometer
  • Changing Bag

It does not includes the chemicals too:

  • Kodak D-76 Developer (1L Kit)
  • Kodak Indicator Stop Bath (473 mL)
  • Fotospeed FX20 Rapid Fixer (1L Kit) 
  • Kodak Photo-Flo 200 (473 mL)

What you need to get yourself :

  • A few measuring jug 500ml to 1000ml (see here)
  • Pegs and strings to hang the film dry

Follow this developing guide provided by Ilford for more detail information.

To work out the developing formulas / recipe for all black and white films against all developer see The Massive Dev Chart.