Canon PRIMA 28N 35mm Point and Shoot camera - 3063862T
Canon PRIMA 28N 35mm Point and Shoot camera - 3063862T
Canon PRIMA 28N 35mm Point and Shoot camera - 3063862T
Canon PRIMA 28N 35mm Point and Shoot camera - 3063862T
Canon PRIMA 28N 35mm Point and Shoot camera - 3063862T

Canon PRIMA 28N 35mm Point and Shoot camera - 3063862T

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Canon PRIMA 28N 35mm Point and Shoot camera

All cameras come with a 6-month warranty

Serial number: 3063862T


Fully automatic 35mm Lens-Shutter camera. A white gold/platinum color version of the PRIMA SUPER 28 introduced in March 1995 for the export market. Design and almost all functions of AUTOBOY LUNA/PRIMA SUPER 28V, including focusing frames and close-up frame are retained. The AF measurement frames are labeled in the same way as on the AUTOBOY LUNA.


Type Fully automatic 35mm Lens-Shutter autofocus camera with built-in zoom lens
Picture Size 24 x 36 mm
AF System Three-point measurement (five-point at wide angle) evaluative auto focusing with infrared beam angle adjusted to lens focal length. Prefocus enabled. One-point metering (at center) automatically selected in Close-up and Real-time modes. Focusing range 0.6 m – infinity (normal), 0.45 m – infinity (Close-up mode).
Lens 28-70mm f/5.6-7.8 (8 elements in 7 groups)
Shutter Electromagnetic programmed shutter and aperture. Metering range (ISO 100):
Auto and Flash ON modes:
  EV9 (1/30, f/5.6)-EV17.5 (1/590, f/16) at 28mm,
  EV12 (1/60, f/7.8)-EV20 (1/590, f/32) at 70mm.
Slow-sync and Flash OFF modes:
  EV4 (2 sec., f/5.6)-EV17.5 (1/590, f/16) at 28mm,
  EV5 (2 sec., f/7.8)-EV20 (1/590, f/32) at 70mm.
Night mode uses 2 sec. (the slowest speed).
Built-in electronic self-timer.
Viewfinder Real-image viewfinder. 0.28-0.7x magnification and 84% coverage. Within the image area: AF frame, image-area frame, close-up frame Outside the image area: Green OK-to-Shoot LED (lights when focus is achieved; blinks for close-range warning, camera-shake warning, and red-eye reduction lamp ON; turns off during flash recycling).
EE Composite SPC for full-auto programmed EE with three-zone metering. Metering range: EV4-17.5 at 28mm, EV5-20 at 70mm. Film speed range: ISO 25-3200 (with DX code). Automatic +1.5 stops exposure compensation in backlit conditions with flash OFF mode.
Six modes with the Best Shot Dial: Full Auto, Action, Night, Close-up, Portrait, and Spot.
Built-in Flash Retractable flash. Guide No. 11 (at ISO 100 in meters). Fires automatically in low-light and backlit conditions. Red-eye reduction lamp provided.
Year, month, day; day, hour, minute; and a total of 25 captions in Japanese, English, German, Spanish, and French can be imprinted (Caption models only).
Power Source One 3V CR123A or DL123A lithium battery
Film Loading &
After opening camera back, align film leader at mark, then close the camera back for auto loading. Automatic film advance with built-in motor. Film advance speed: 1 fps. Continuous shooting enabled in Action mode.
Frame Counter LCD display
Film Rewind Automatic rewind with built-in motor. Midroll rewind enabled.
Dimensions &
123 x 64 x 43.8 mm, 250 g (including battery).
123 x 64 x 43.8 mm, 255 g (Caption model).



PRIMA SUPER 28N/CAPTION - Canon Camera Museum (