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Olympus Pen-EE S Point & Shoot (Zone Focus) Camera with 30mm f/2.8 D. Zuiko Lens

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Olympus Pen EE-S Half-Frame Point & Shoot Camera with 28mm f/3.5 D. Zuiko Lens 

All cameras come with 6 months warranty.

Included in this kit:
1) Olympus Pen EE-S Half-Frame Camera


The Olympus Pen EE-S is a half frame point and shoot camera which means it takes 2 pictures per frame giving you double the amount of pictures in one roll. That's 72 pictures per roll! It features a sharp, 30mm f/2.8 D. Zuiko lens containing a leaf shutter, and offers automatic exposure photography via a set of selenium cells mounted in the front around the lens, with flash sync available.

The camera has two shutter speeds - 1/40s and 1/200s, and automatically adjusts the aperture and chooses the most appropriate shutter speed to perfectly expose your image. When set automatically, it has a low-light warning, preventing you from wasting shots by stopping poorly exposed images from being taken. However, it does also have a manual mode where you can set the aperture starting from f/2.8, and will shoot at 1/40s by default if done so.

With a 30mm focal length, this camera is versatile and can be used from landscapes to street photography, as well as portraits on occasion. With automatic exposure taken care of, all that's left to do is zone focus the lens by guessing, making it a perfect camera for someone starting film.


  • Type: Point & Shoot

  • Manufacturer: Olympus

  • Film Format: 35mm

  • ISO Range: 25 - 200

  • Lens: D. Zuiko 30mm f/2.8

  • Shutter Speed Range: 1/200s & 1/40s

  • Features: Auto-Exposure

  • Battery: None