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Polaroid Land Instant Camera 2000


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9/10 Overall condition, and comes with 6 month warranty.
Polaroid 2000 Land Camera  is a SX-70 series camera that is not folding. 

Plastic very durable body of the apparatus. Minimum focal length 60 cm with infinity focus, 116 mm aperture F9.4. Exposure compensation with left / right (light / dark), shutter speed 1 - 1/150 sec. Compensation of exposure using a ring on the lens. Year of production 1977. 
Polaroid 2000 Land Camera is a very simple device designed for ordinary users without greater knowledge of photographic techniques. 
  • lens: Polaroid 116 mm, F / 9.4 plastic lens
  • shutter speed: electronic 1 - 1/150 sec 
  • Focus:  0.6m to infinity
  • exposure system: automatic, manual by lens ring
  • flash:  no (can be bought)
  • movie: Impossible series SX-70 format 88 x 107 mm
  • Power: directly from the movie cartridge
  • weight: 425 g (without film cassette and strap)

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Reviewed by: Ignacio Linares

Hi to all, first I am going to introduce myself. I am Ignacio Linares and I come from Spain but work as a photographer in Germany.

Part of my work as a Photographer is to buy and test new cameras. I like 35mm but since 3 years ago I discovered medium format and I try to find as many cameras as I can to test, fix and resell them. I keep the ones I feel more comfortable with.

On last January I found a Polaroid Land SX-70 camera from a private vendor. I was getting acquainted with it before but, as it is a bit expensive to shoot a Polaroid nowadays, I didn´t really get into this world up until now.

The only cameras I had used for instant photography were the plastic ones that take 600 type film. With the new SX-70 in my hands, things got a bit more serious and I started doing some homework to see what kind of film I could use with it. At the moment only Impossible makes film suitable for this camera.

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