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Polaroid Cameras

Polaroid SX-70 SONAR OneStep SLR Instant Camera

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Comes with 6 month warranty.


The original SX-70 OneStep Land Camera is the ultimate Polaroid camera. it was a luxury camera that remains a marvel to this day with its clear images, beautiful design, and ability to collapse down into a flat rectangle. some version of the legendary SX-70 remained in Polaroid’s camera lineup even as the market was flooded with cheap plastic boxes. The SX-70 Sonar OneStep Land Camera is just a variant of the original Land Camera with an autofocus mechanism grafted on.

In case you’ve never used one, the SX-70 OneStep Land Camera folding SLR line is a revelation compared to the cheap box rangefinders that Polaroid pumped out for decades. The camera is a real SLR, meaning you can view your shot directly through the lens. You can actually see your framing and focus before shooting! The Land Camera SLRs also featured the best lenses Polaroid had to offer, and don’t rely on sloppy fixed focus lenses.


The lenses on the SX-70 Land Camera OneSteps are always awesome, and the Sonar is no exception. If you’re used to a fixed focus camera like the Polaroid Land Camera or the Polaroid OneStep Closeup you will see a noticeable increase in sharpness with the SX-70 Sonar. Compared to the manual focus SX-70 OneStep Land Camera, the viewfinder is brighter and ever so slightly easier to see through.