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Black (Repaint) Canon P Rangefinder with Black Canon 50mm f1.4 LTM, Canon Meter, and Case


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Overall condition 9.5/10, All functions, working linked light meter, Lens and finder are clean and clear, some minor marks on body from use.

Comes with 6 months warranty 

Serial number (body) 736985

(lens) 13731


"The P is a camera beyond the sum of its parts. If a Leica is a Porsche 911, then the Canon P is the original VW Golf GTI. No single part makes it special, but the seamless way everything works together lets this simple camera deliver a surprising amount of performance, and makes it a ton of fun to shoot with..." review by Chris Cushing



The Canon P (P for Populaire) was a rangefinder camera produced by Canon Inc., compatible with the Leica M39 screw mount (LTM). It was introduced in March 1959 and was marketed as a low-cost sister to the Canon VI-L. A black version was also introduced, which today is quite rare. The Canon P is the predecessor to the Canon 7 rangefinder.

This is a Canon P 35mm rangefinder which was sold between 1959 and 1961.  The P stands for “Populaire”, meaning it was marketed as a budget (or popular) choice compared to higher spec Canon cameras.  The P was very similar to the Canon VI-L, but lacking some of it’s features like adjustable viewfinder.  Still, the Canon P is a very well built camera that remains one of the most popular rangefinders of all time.  It uses the same M39 lens mount made popular by Leica and all of it’s clones, meaning that a huge variety of lenses can be used on this camera.  It used a very unique metal foil focal plane shutter that was both more reliable and quieter than the cloth curtains common in rangefinders at the time.  The viewfinder is very bright and easy to use and has projected brightlines for 35, 50, and 100 mm lenses.  Although it lacked an exposure meter, there was an accessory meter that clipped onto the cameras shoe which was sold around the same time.


Film Type: 135 (35mm)
Lens: multiple
Mount: M39 Screw Mount
Focus: 3 feet to Infinity
Type: Coupled Rangefinder
Shutter: Metal Steel Foil Focal Plane
Speeds: B, 1 – 1/1000 seconds
Exposure Meter: None
Battery: None
Flash Mount: Cold shoe and M and X Flash Sync




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Collections: Promotion of the Month, Rangefinder

Type: 35mm Camera

Vendor: Canon

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