Leica CL, Leitz Minolta CL 35mm rangefinder camera


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Leica CL body serial number: #1429199

Leitz Minolta CL body serial number: #1037794

Leica CL overall condition: 9/10. Tiny dent on right corner of top plate. Does not affect operation. Comes with 6 month warranty.

Leitz Minolta CL overall condition: 9/10. Some paint loss on the shutter speeds. Does not affect operation. Comes with 6 month warranty.


Apart from its shared history with Leica and Minolta, the CL was actually manufactured for just three years (from 1973 to 1976) and was discontinued shortly after. The Leitz Minolta version was sold in Japan while its Leica CL version was still being sold in the market. 

the Leica CL, Leitz Minolta CL, and Minolta CL are basically the same with little iterations in body markings. Given the short time it was produced, it's easy to say that the CL is a rare camera. read more



The Leica CL was a collaboration between Minolta and Leica. Focusing with this lens and camera combination is great in good lighting. Regardless, this is and always has been a fantastic camera and will perform well no matter what lens you put on it, providing you’re aware of the framing. The ease of use really has to do with two big things: whether you want to use the meter or not and if you know how to use a rangefinder. 

The CL was a camera that sold very well and perhaps too well. In fact, it’s rumoured that sales were so good that they discontinued the camera because it ate into the sales of the Leica M5.  The thing about rangefinders is that they’re only as good to focus with as the light that they’re typically around. If you’re in the dark or there isn’t a whole lot of light coming into the rangefinder, you’ll be harder pressed to focus.. read more


Lens mount: M mount bayonet

Shutter: 1/2 to 1/1000 second, Bulb mode (works even with a dead battery)

ISO/ASA: 25 to 1600 

Focusing: rangefinder

Shutter speed control: manual dial

Flash: X synch at 1/60th of a second, hot shoe (no PC connection)

Viewfinder: bright line view projected parallax corrected framelines for 40mm, 50mm, and 90mm lenses







1 & 2) @harbinger_of_lifes_lemons (35mm f/2)

3) @momentphotogram


Collections: All 35mm Cameras, Rangefinder

Type: 35mm Rangefinder

Vendor: Leica

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