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Leotax F 35mm rangefinder Leica III with 50 mm f3.5 M39 NHAYCTAP-22 lens

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Overall condition Body: 7.5/10 some minor marks on body from use, viewfinder and focus is clear.

Overall condition Lens: 7/10 Focus is smooth, no fungus, no haze, no fog, has some small cleaning marks on front element.

(comes with 6 months warranty)

s/n 546005


In This Kit:

1. Leotax F 35mm rangefinder Leica III Body
2.Russisches Objektiv NHAYCTAP-22 50mm f3.5 lens


In 1938 a Japanese engineer named Nakagawa Kenzo set up a company by the name of Kyoei-Sha in Tokyo with a view to manufacturing cameras. At the end of 1938 he renamed the company G.K. Showa Kogaku. Initially it produced folding cameras called the Semi Leotax from about 1940. 

Very early on Showa Kogaku began production of the Leotax 35 mm copy of the Leica II. There were upwards of 20 variations on the basic Leotax made from 1940 thru 1961. Leotax, Nicca and Canon were the major producers of Leica copies and some consider the Leotax the best of them. Total number produced was apparently less than 50,000.

The Leotax was a success and in 1956 it was renamed the Leotax Camera K.K.. From that point on this name appeared on the top plates of these cameras. My copy of the Leotax F has Showa Optical Works Ltd. on the top plate which indicates it was manufactured before 1956.



Date: 1954-1957

Type: 35mm Rangefinder

Lens Mount: M39

Focus: Manual

Exposure: none built in

Flash: PC Connector on back

Shutter: Horizontal rubberized cloth focal plane

Speeds from 1 sec. to 1/1000th

Frame Rate: Manual lever winding

Battery: none



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