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Exakta EXA500 35mm SLR Camera with a long lens


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8/10 condition comes with 6 months warranty.

Created in the same time as Leica , Exakta was once hail as the prime competitor of Leica and often out done them in the early days. But we all know who came out on top now (Leica being t. Still a good collector piece to remember the hay days of Exakta 35mm camera. 


The Exa 500 - also known as the Exakta 500 and VX 200 - was introduced in 1966 by Ihagee of Dresden, Germany (then DDR/East Germany). It was the last of the Exa line of 35mm SLRs. DescriptionEdit The Exa 500 shared an unusual "bulgy" shape with other Exa SLRs. The shutter-release was a separate button, on the body to the photographer's left side of the the lens - underneath the lens-mounted stop-down lever (or button, depending on lens). Pressing the lever stopped-down the lens, and further pressure also pressed the shutter-release. This arrangement meant that there was no coupling necessary from camera to lens to stop down the diaphragm. The lens mount was the Exakta bayonet fitting. The vertical cloth focal-plane shutter was faster than the earlier Exas, running from 1/2 - 1/500s. The speed dial is mounted around the rewind crank.. read more here.

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