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Revue ML SLR Camera with Yashica Yashinon 50mm f/1.9 Lens

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Revue ML SLR Camera with Yashica Yashinon 50mm f/1.9 Lens

  • Light Meter : No (Not working)

Note that all cameras come with six months warranty.

Included in this kit:
1) Revue ML SLR Body
2) Yashica Yashinon-DS 50mm f/1.9 Lens


The Revue ML is a SLR camera. It was produced by VEB Pentacon in the GDR from 1984 to 1986. It was sold by Foto Quelle in West Germany under their own brand name. The East German „Original“ was the „Praktica MTL 5“.

The Revue ML offers the possibility of interchangeable lenses. Lenses with an M42 thread can be used. In most cases, the Revuenon 1.8/50 MC car can be seen on the camera. The Revue ML does not have an autofocus function. The focus is set manually. In the Revue ML an exposure meter was integrated. The exposure measurement is performed through the lens. The aperture and shutter speed can be freely selected. The camera comes with a bulb setting. The shutter can remain open for a variable time. You can use the camera with a Hot Shoe or PC-Flash flash unit.

The Revue ML has a built-in self-timer. It also comes with a thread for a cable release and tripod. The power supply for the 35mm camera is provided by one VARTA V 625 battery.

Yashica Yashinon-DS 50mm. f/1.9 was "the" standard lens sold with Yashica SLR cameras. It can be found for low prices, it's very decent. Wide open it's fine for F 1.9, there is a hint of shaded upper edges, but it's perfectly usable. Stopped down it's sharp. The lens has some close focussing capablities. It is relatively small and lightweight, particularly for a F 1.9 lens. A nice lens which offers one usable stop more than a standard lens.




  • Brand: Revue
  • Film Format: 35mm 
  • Camera Type: SLR
  • Light Meter : No (Not working)
  • Year of Release: 1986
  • Shutter Speed: Fully mechanical 1/1000 - 1 with bulb
  • ISO/ASA Range: 25 - 6400
  • Lens Mount: M42
  • Extra Features: Depth of Field Preview, Self-Timer
  • Battery: 1 x VARTA V 625 battery