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Noticeboard for Events, Classes and Photowalks

Here at FilmNeverDie we host an array of events, classes and workshops. Some are regular and some are not. Among the regulars are the Black and White Developing Class and the Monthly Free Photowalks. We hold the monthly free photowalk generally every second weekend of every month. Whereas Black and White Developing classes are held the week after the Free Photowalk.

We have hosted workshops such as Street Portraiture, Beginner Photography, Fashion Photography amongst others. If you are interested in either hosting or partaking in a workshop at FilmNeverDie feel free to reach us directly via email or Social Media and pitch it to us. We are always looking to have workshops here in our space.

If you are interested to see our Noticeboards for events, classes or photowalks then please refer to this gmail calendar below:

*Note that some dates particularly a few months from the current date are a rough estimate and subject to change closer to the date. For more concise dates and information refer to our Facebook Events or follow us on Instagram where these events are announced to the public.