6 Watertank Way, Melb CBD | Online / Vending Machine - during COVID 19

Interesting times, interest measures...

Updated 04/08/2020 :

Starting from 6th of August 2020, FilmNeverDie will be closing our Melbourne City store for walk-ins and also will be closing the lab as per VIC stage 4 restriction for 6 weeks or until further notice.

We will still be operating behind the scenes as normal for all online retail, meaning you still can buy cameras and films from us!! 

4pm, 5th of August by will be our last pick up for all our Vendy's dropbox across 3 locations, Preston, McKinnon (Tucker Burger) and City. All orders excepts E6 will get same day turn around free of charge !!


You can call up or use our online chat (Mon to Sat , 11-5) to enquire about cameras or films and we will continue to work hard through Discord and FilmNeverDie shooter Facebook Group to ensure the sense of community is not diminish.




Facebook Group


You can pick either one, both will allow you the option to have Text Chat, Voice or Video to get connected with Gary Wong - a semi camera and film expert ( he does not know everything, yet). The idea is to allow community interaction and being able to answer questions you have on any camera or films. 

Let's stay safe ... and you can also sign up for our mailing list below: