You can now hire a SP3000 and SP500 for as low as $10 !

Scanning Memberships are Back! 

Remember pre-pandemic times where we used to have scanning memberships? When you can just develop your film and then hire our scanners and do your own scanning? Yes we are rolling that back out! 

FilmNeverDie Scanning Membership

Enjoy the freedom to scan your films however you want, you get free rein over the colours, the density and the size! Save time and money to scan your films with our industrial grade SP3000 for 120 and SP500 for 35mm films. 

Our setup allows for either two simultaneous 35mm scans, or one simultaneous 35mm scan and one 120 scan.

Want more Cyan? Magenta ? No worries! 

Want to save your scans and add or minus 10 stops densities ? No worries! That is if there is still stuff on the negative. 

Start from $10 an hour you can book it here:

On top of that we are also doing: 

Bulk discount Scanning Membership

10x 1 hour sessions for $75 ( $7.5 /hour)

30x 1 hour sessions for $180 ( $6 /hour)

50x 1 hour session for $225 ( $4.5/hour)

You can buy them here:

and we will send you a discount code to do booking, on the main website here:

The annoying part is you need to book 1 session in 1 order but , with Shopify its fairly easy checkout process if you got Apple Pay :D