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Zenit EM SLR Camera with Helios 58mm f/2 Lens

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Zenit EM SLR Camera with Auto-Revuetar 58mm f/2 Lens

All cameras come with six months warranty.

Included in this kit:
1) Zenit 12XP SLR Camera

2) Helios 58mm f/2 Lens

3) Leather hand strap


Zenit-EM, Produced between 1972-1984 by KMZ.

During 1967 through 1969 KMZ built an automatic die-cast moulding line, allowing mass camera production. Camera production switched to the M42×1 thread (also known as Praktica thread) and an instant-return mirror was also developed. This led to one of the most famous Zenits — Zenit-E which saw (including its subtypes) over 12 million produced. A heavy and tough camera with a mechanism that was of exceedingly simple design along the lines of "what isn't there, can't go wrong". Automatic diaphragm functionality was not available until the introduction of the Zenit-EM, which used a direct mechanism linking the shutter release button to the aperture mechanism, significantly increasing the effort required to release the shutter. Production included both M39×1 and M42×1 mounts for the Zenit E and Zenit B models.


  • Type: SLR Body
  • Manufacturer: Zenit
  • Year of Launch: 1983
  • Film: 35mm
  • ISO Metering Range: 16 - 500
  • Shutter: Metal focal plane shutter
  • Shutter Speed Range: 1/500s - 1s, Bulb
  • Lens Mount: M42 Screw Mount