Asahi Pentax Spotmatic SP2 Body Only


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7/10 Overall condition, and comes with 6 month warranty.


The Spotmatic cameras were introduced by Asahi Optical Company in 1964 and marketed through 1976. The camera was one of the first commercially available 35mm SLRs to include through-the-lens metering. The camera name is derived from the use of spot metering on the original design of the camera. The metering system was changed to average metering prior to its release but the change happened too late to change the marketing materials, so the original name continued to be used. A series of different models were made with minor changes and improvements. All Spotmatics use the M42 lens mount. In the United States, Spotmatic cameras were imported and marketed by Honeywell and bear the name "Honeywell Spotmatic". Cameras manufactured for sale outside the US were badged "Asahi Spotmatic".

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  • Type: SLR body
  • Manufacturer: Asahi Optical Co.
  • Year of launch: 1964
  • Films: 35mm, speeds up to 1600 ASA
  • Viewfinder: pentaprism eye-level viewfinder
  • Lens Mount: Pentax/Praktica screwmount (M42)
  • Shutter: Focal plane shutter, speeds 1 - 1/1000 second, flash sync 1/60 second
  • Metering: CdS TTL metering (stopped-down manual match-needle metering system) EV 1.7 ~ 18 (ISO 100) ASA range 20-1600 (on original Spotmatic)

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Reviewed by: Skeetpho

My father bought this SPII new in Singapore in 1972. He bough it with the S-M-C 55mm 1.8 and S-M-C 135mm f/3.5. I still have the receipt, booklets and advertising. He used it with slide film all through the 70's and 80's during our time in the Philippines and throughout Europe and Australia. He took good care of it and it was always kept in its case.

I inherited the camera from my father 6 years ago after it had been sitting unused for about 15 years. I had it serviced and the 55mm lens cleaned (had slight haze). It came back in as new condition and sounds and operates wonderfully. The light meter is perfect against grey card and handheld meter. I just use a 1.5V silver oxide battery SR936SW, which fits without any spacer or sleeve.

I only use this body around my local area since it so precious to me. I am too scared to take it on my travels overseas in case something happens to it!

The Spotmatic SPII is a simple camera to operate. Just push the metering switch up, which activates the aperture pin in the lens and switches on the meter. Adjust shutter speed and aperture as desired to centre the meter needle or add a bit more or less exposure as needed. Either turn off the meter switch (which opens up the aperture again) and trip the shutter or just trip the shutter, which turns off the meter anyway. The aperture will close to the set aperture the instant the shutter is tripped and then spring open again. You are in full control of the metering, exposure and focus and nothing to fiddle with or to fool you by forgetting to set something.

The most basic and simple operation for photography all in a convenient, well designed and engineered body. A real classic. The Spotmatics also came with the best full leather soft cases. Favourite lenses are 35mm f/2, 55mm f/2 (same as the f/1.8 but round aperture at f/2), and 85mm f/1.8, all S-M-C. Find one that has not been sitting unused for years in a humid climate and have it serviced. It will last for many more years.

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Type: camera

Vendor: pentax