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Asashi Pentax SP / SP1000 SLR camera with lens

Asahi Pentax

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 Comes with 6 months warranty. 

Serial Number:

SP1000 with 55mm f1.8 #5863407 (8/10 body, 7/10 lens condition)

SP1000 with 55mm f2  #5711469 (8/10 lens, 6.5/10 body condition)

SP with 39mm - 80mm f3.5 #1359672 ( 7/10 both body and lesn condition)

  • All functions tested except light meter (no guarantee) 
  • Comes with a 6-month warranty
  • Solidly built, metal chassis


The original 1964 Spotmatic was one of the first SLRs on the market to offer a through-the-lens (TTL) exposure metering system. The camera was presented as a prototype at photokina 1960, and was originally designed to use spot metering. Shortly before production Asahi decided that spot metering would be too difficult to use, and so the metering system was altered to use center-weighted average metering. The change took place too close to production to change the name, and so Spotmatic stuck.

The camera had a mechanical shutter with speed range from 1000 to 1 and Bulb. The lightmeter is activated by a lever on the side of the camera, which also stopped down the lens. Mercury battery (1.35 V Mallory RM640) was used to power the light metering system; however due to the way the circuit is designed, silver oxide batteries can be used instead.

Two budget models: the SP500 and SP1000 were also available and some features from the original Spotmatic were removed. The fastest shutter speeds were designated by the model number, the SP500 having a top speed of 1/500 s and the SP1000 having a top speed of 1/1000 s. These two models had no self-timer. There was also the Pentax SL, which was identical to the Spotmatic except that it did not have the built-in light meter. read more here.


  • Pentax SLR camera
  • M42 lens mount
  • Auto Takumar 55mm f/1.8 lens
  • Aperture range f/1.8 to f/16
  • Shutter speed, Bulb 1sec to 1/1000 
  • Tripod mount in base




Instagram photo credit:

1. @sheisnaked

2-3.  @acid_papaya

Collections: SLR

Type: 35 mm SLR Camera

Vendor: Asahi Pentax

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