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Bergger Pancro 400 120 Black and White film


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Bergger Pancro 400 is a special, black and a white premium film. Composed of a dual layer emulsion, made from both silver bromide and silver iodide, the resultant effect is that these different sizes of grain give it a wide exposure latitude that makes it incomparable to any other film. It also offers natural tonal gradations with both fine grain and high-resolution and comes into its own when low or difficult lighting conditions are experienced.

Pancro 400 is coated onto a 175 microns PET base and has an anti-halation layer which clears during processing, and an added bonus of an anti-curling layer too.

This film can be process in standard developers, sample developer combinations :
Berspeed 1+1 400 12 minutes at 20C
D-76 stock 400 9 minutes at 20C
D-76 1+1 400 17 minutes at 20C
HC-110 B 400 9 minutes at 20C
ID-11 stock 400 9 minutes at 20C
ID-11 1+1 400 17 minutes at 20C
PMK 1+2+100 400 18 minutes at 20C
1+25 400 8 minutes at 20C
1+50 400 22 minutes at 20C
Xtol stock 400 10 minutes at 20C
Bergger Pancro 400 Xtol 1+1 400 18 minutes at 20C

In the sample photos below we used Ilford Ilfosol 3 ( 20 degree Celsius, 20 minutes) and they were shot by Jed Rann, first model: Summer, second model: Tasleem Sahib.

Collections: Promotion of the Month

Category: Black and White

Type: 120 camera films

Vendor: Bergger

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