Canon 7 35mm rangefinder with 50mm f2.8 Soviet Lens (Leica Copy)


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8/10  Overall condition, Comes with 6 month warranty
Body SN# 823216
Lens SN# 574468
Canon 7 
 "...In many ways,  they amount to the Leica M4 of Screw mount cameras.."

Made around 1960s, Canon 7 was a huge marketing success with over 100,000 produced, the Canon 7 represents a real bargain in today's used rangefinder market.   The 7  is a far better user than ANY of the other Canon RFs other than the 7s, and a far better user than ANY of the Leica Screw mount bodies...
  • The 7/7s Frameline System is simpler, less confusing, more pleasing than the M6 -- at least to me.  The reason is that the M6 has a three position finder, each of which combines two framelines which are not labeled (28/90, 35/135, 50/75) .  In contrast, the Canon 7/7s have a four position finder which ARE labeled in the finder and only double up two focal lengths (35, 50, 85/100, 100). 
  • The 7/7s  .8 viewfinder makes its very easy to focus  WITH  BOTH EYES OPEN.  This is actually a very big deal since it greatly increases convenience and peripheral vision.   Until you try it, you won't be able to appreciate it.  Try it! 
  • The 7 and 7s/Z are unique amongst pro 35's by labeling their framelines WITHIN the finder. Select the 35 finder, and you will see "35" in the finder as well as the frameline... read more here.


"This was another mass-produced Soviet lens that was experted to the West, which probably contributed to the confusing labeling. This is a variation of Leitz ELmar 50/2.8. Manufactured since early 70s. Rigid body. Early versions available in chrome, later ones in black or black with chrome. Industar-61 manufactured by FED in M39x1 mount and carried different labels for focal length - the three known versions are 50/2.8, 53/2.8 and 55/2.8. Some copies labeled И-61,and some labaled in English. Two other M39 copies were manufactured - Industar 61Л and Industar 51Л/Д. The first one labeled as 50/2.8..." Read more here.


Lens specs:

Optics 4 elements, 3 groups
Filter size 40.5mm, screw-on
MFD 1m
f-scale f/2.8-f/16
Weight 130g
Resolution (c:b) 44:30
Instagram sample photo references:

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