Canon AF35M 35mm Point and Shoot Camera


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Overall Condition 7/10, All functions working,lens and finder are clean and clear, has some Japanese name engraving on back hardly noticeable.

Comes with 6 months warranty

Sr No#: 1898697


The Canon AF35M, nicknamed the Autoboy by Canon Japan or the Sure Shot by Canon USA, was Canon Inc.'s first autofocus 35mm lens-shutter compact camera.[1][2] It was launched in November 1979[1] and received the Japanese Ministry of International Trade and Industry's 1980 Good Design Award in September 1980.[2] It proved successful among similar cameras from the competition and sold well; production reached 110,000 per month by the second half of 1981.[2] It was partly supplanted by 1981's higher-specified AF35ML and wholly replaced by 1983's AF35M II.
The active autofocus system used a near-infrared emitting diode and a pin photo diode to determine the subject position by triangulation in a manner similar to a coincident-image rangefinder. This meant that the system was independent of ambient light levels and achieved a high degree of accuracy; however, it could be fooled by glass (which is not transparent to infrared radiation). The autofocus area was marked on the reverse-Galilean optical viewfinder, which also had projected framelines, zone focusing marks for near, medium and far (lit to indicate the approximate area the autofocus had selected), parallax correction marks, and battery-check and camera-shake warning LEDs. Viewfinder magnification was 0.5× and coverage was 85% of the full 135 frame area.

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  • Lens: 38mm f/2.8 (4 elements in 4 groups).
  • Triangulation system autofocus with pre-focus lock.
  • Electromagnetic programmed shutter. EV 6 (f/2.8 at 1/8s) - 17 (f/16 at 1/500s)
  • Reversed Galilean viewfinder with projected frames, zone focusing marks for near, medium, and far distances, parallax correction marks, battery check and LED warnings.
  • Film speed settings of ISO 25-400 or 50-1000.
  • Integral flash (guide No. 13 at ISO 100 in meters).
  • Screw-in filter thread.
  • Film advance: Auto-loading and winding.
  • Power: Two 1.5V AA batteries.
  • Dimensions and weight: 125×76×46 mm, 300g.

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Reviewed By: JUTEI

I used this camera the whole summer. I took it to parties, road trips, festivals, and pretty much everywhere I went. The more I used it, the more I started liking it. It isn’t the smallest camera (125×76×46 mm), but it felt great in hand. You can get a firm grip and shooting with one hand isn’t a problem. The weight isn’t a problem either (300 g, you can wear this around your neck whole day with no problems.

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Type: 35 mm camera

Vendor: Canon

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