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Canon AV-1 Program 35mm SLR Camera


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The 10/10 AV-1 is a new old stock of the official 1980 Winter Olympic 35mm camera, comes with a gold colour olympic batch too. 

Condition of the camera body is brand new, still have the un peel film plate sticker. Either pair with a 24mm f2.8 Canon FD fixed lens or can be bought by it self body only, comes with a box too.



"This is a basic and sturdy manual focus, aperture priority only version of the AE-1 introduced on or before 1980...

I've made great images with this camera on the one roll of film I've run through it; it just takes a little more effort to compensate the meter for each shot." 

- review by Ken Rockwell.

"Aperture priority is probably the most use feature in all cameras I used, even on the Contax G2 I mainly use the aperture priority only, reason being in most of my street, and general photo journalism type photography controlling the depth-of-field (which part is sharp vs which part is blur) is probably more important than the shutter speed... thus having this hand me down camera from Dad i begun my photography journey using an AV-1. "

- review by Gary Wong from FilmNeverDie.com


The Canon AV-1 is a 35 mm single-lens reflex camera with an FD lens mount, introduced by Canon Inc. in 1979. The AV-1 was very similar to the 1976 AE-1 but provided aperture priority autoexposure rather than the AE-1's shutter speed priority AE.

The camera is not capable of fully manual exposure. Canon's international distributors, particularly in the United States, had clamored for such a camera because competing brands offered mostly aperture-priority cameras and some preferred it. The AV in the name referred to the type of autoexposure; Av (Aperture Value) is a common abbreviation for aperture priority. When this camera appeared, a new range of FD lenses was introduced, with instant mounting/unmounting of the lens. This was called the New FD mount and did away with the older type of mounting ring which was fitted on to the rear of the lens and was awkward to use and needed two hands, to a newer, easier system whereby the user lined up the red dot on the lens, with the red dot on the camera and simply turned the whole lens clockwise until it clicked into place. All the other AE-1 accessories fit the AV-1.

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Type : 35mm SLR (Single-lens Reflex) camera with electronically controlled AE (Automatic Exposure). 

Format : 24 x 36mm. 

Usable Lenses : Canon FD (for full aperture AE) and most FL (for stopped-down AE) series lenses. 

Lens Mount : Canon Breech-lock mount. 

Viewfinder : Fixed, eye-level pentaprism.

Viewfinder Information : Split-image/micro prism rangefinder, shutter speed scale and meter needle, red over and underexposure warning indices, battery check/ camera shake warning index. 

Shutter : Cloth, focal plane shutter with four spindles. Electronically controlled. 

Shutter Release Button : Electromagnetic, two-step button. Pressing it halfway activates the meter; pressing it all the way sets shutter in operation. With lock and cable release socket. 

strong>Shutter Speed : Step less automatically controlled, from 2 sec. to 1/1000 sec. Manual settings for B (Bulb) and X-synchronization speed of 1/60 sec. with flashes other than Canon Speedlite 133A, 155A, 177A or 199A. 

ASA Film Speed Dial : ASA 25 to ASA 1600. With lock. 

Light Metering System : Through-the-lens, Central Emphasis metering by SPC (Silicon Photocell). 

Exposure Correction : Shutter speed is automatically reduced 1-1/2 steps to increase exposure by pressing back light control switch. 

Reflex Mirror : Large instant-return type with shock absorbing mechanism. 

Self-timer : Electronically controlled. Ten second time lag activated by pressing shutter button. Red LED blinks to indicate operation; flashing frequency increases two sec. before shutter release. Cancellation possible by pressing battery check button. 

Flash Synchronization : At 1/60 sec. Set by switching selector dial to 60 for flashes other than the Canon Speedlite 133A 155A, 177A or 199A. Direct contact at accessory shoe. 

Automatic Flash Control : With Canon Speedlite 133A, 155A, 177A or 199A. With selector dial at , shutter speed set to 1/60 sec. automatically. Aperture set manually on aperture ring to same aperture set on flash. 

Back Cover : Fixed. Opened by pulling up rewind knob. 

Film Loading : Via multi-slot take-up spool. 

Film Advance Lever : Single-stroke 120 degree throw with 30 degree stand-off. Winding with several short strokes possible.

Battery: 6V, Mallory PX 28 or comparable. 

Dimensions: (W x H x D) 139 x 85 x 48mm

Weight: 512g (body only, without battery)

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Instagram sample photo credit:

1-2) Gary7Wong



Type: 35mm Film Camera

Vendor: Canon