Canon EOS 500N, 35mm SLR Film Camera (good for double exposure)


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Overall 7/10, recently clean, lubed and adjust (CLA), comes with 6 months warranty.


There is a crack on the top but it will not affect the photos. 

The Canon EOS 500N is also known as the EOS Rebel G in the Americas or the New EOS Kiss in Japan. Sometimes it's referred to as the EOS Kiss 2 as it followed the release of the EOS Kiss in Japan. This camera was released in 1996 and replaced the EOS 500. The Japanese version of the camera had the date back as standard. Its successor was the EOS-300 / REBEL2000 / Kiss III, released in 1999.

There are not too many changes in this model compared to the original. A few new features include compatibility with ETTL type flash. It still has the same 1/90 of a sec sync speed of the previous model, but when equipped with a Canon Speedlight such as the 380EX, 220EX it can be used at 1/2000 of a sec. Focus has improved a bit as as a AF assist light is now available. Auto Exposure Bracketing (AEB) can be use from -2 to ++2 in 1/2 stop increments. The command dial now has a easier to access night scene mode. The body is able to use the BP-8 vertical grip that can also accept four AA batteries.

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  • Film Type: 35mm
  • Lens: Canon EF mount
  • Shutter: focal plane shutter
  • Shutter range: 30s-1/2000th + Bulb
  • Viewfinder: optical pentaprism
  • Battery: 2 x CR123A
  • ASA/ISO range: 6-6400 (25-5000 DX)
  • Size (w*h*d): 145mm * 92mm * 62mm
  • Weight: 370g (body only)

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A review by Panagiotis Giannakis

Another camera that I came across in a car boot sale and bought it for the grand total of £7 including lens and a Canon bag. There are not much to say about this camera really if you read my review of the original EOS 500 found on this blog, the 500N is an update that adds a blend of features that render the camera more customizable. These include auto-exposure bracketing and selectable AF points, compatibility with high-speed flash and a bit more information on the viewfinder. Exposure system and the AF module is the same on both cameras. Something worth mentioning is that both cameras offer a choice of multi-pattern, center -weight and partial metering but it is not directly selectable. What happens is, the camera has multi-pattern as default and selects partial (9.5%) when pressing the exposure lock button and center weight when you switch to metered manual. This is something that the EOS 300V share too.
Now, if you have to choose between the 500 and the 500N go for the latter one for one very good reason. The 500N does not have the problem with the deteriorating shutter bumper that some EOS 500 are prone to, you are on the safe side. It has been reported that some EOS 500 can suffer from this deteriorating bumper on the top of the shutter mechanism - the bumper turns into a sticky goo that sips through the shutter blades and makes them stick. The EOS 500N uses the new material that is not prone to deterioration.


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Type: 35 mm camera

Vendor: Canon