Canon EOS 630 SLR 35mm Camera w/ 35mm-105mm f/4.5-5.6


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Serial No.: #2668878

Lens Serial No.: #22012774


Canon EOS 630 (Large Image) Introduced in April 1989, the EOS 630 is the third Canon EOS camera after the EOS 650 and EOS 620 which were introduced in March 1987 and May 1987 respectively. It is clearly based on the original EOS 650 and 620. The Canon Camera Museumdescribes it as "notch above the EOS 620 with faster AF speed." While it had a faster AF speed than the EOS 620, it shared the lower 1/2000 second maximum shutter speed and 1/125 second flash synch speed of the EOS 650. (The EOS 620 had a maximum shutter speed of 1/4000 second and a maximum flash synch speed of 1/250 second.) According to the specifications at the Canon Camera Museum, the EOS 630 also.. read here.


The Canon EOS RT is a member of the Canon EOS system of autofocus SLR cameras introduced in the late 1980s as a replacement of the T series manual focus SLRs. The RT is basically the EOS 600 (also sold in some markets as the EOS 630) body but fitted with a pellicle mirror instead of a conventional one and also coming with a few extra features.

A pellicle mirror is a fixed mirror which acts as a beam splitter, diverting part of the light that hits it up into the viewfinder and allowing the rest of the light to continue through the mirror and reach the shutter behind it. On the RT the pellicle allows approximately 2/3 of the light to reach the shutter and sends the other 1/3 up into the viewfinder.

The advantages of a pellicle mirror are that there is no vibration from the mirror moving up and down, giving potentially sharper images if correct technique is used, allowing faster shutter cycle times in continuous shooting mode, and giving an uninterupted image in the viewfinder as the photograph is taken unlike a conventional mirror which blacks out the viewfinder while the shutter operates... read more here.


Type: 35mm Camera

Vendor: Canon