Canon EOS 650 New Age 35mm SLR Camera in Black with Black Case


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Serial Number 1775804
Condition 9/10, comes with 6 months warranty.


The Canon EOS 650 is a 35mm single-lens reflex camera. It was introduced on 2 March 1987, Canon's 50th anniversary, and discontinued in February 1989. It was the first camera in Canon's new EOS series, which was designed from scratch to support autofocus lenses. The EOS system featured the new EF lens mount, which used electrical signals to communicate between the camera and the lens. Focusing and aperture control were performed by electric motors mounted in the lens body. The EF mount is still used on Canon SLRs, including digital models. Canon's previous FD mount lenses are incompatible with EOS bodies.

Canon's first EOS camera had the latest technologies, including a microprocessor and a Canon-developed BASIS sensor for high-precision AF. Canon claimed incomparable autofocusing for the EOS 650. A range of high-precision Ultrasonic Motor (USM) EF autofocus lenses were also developed successfully for the 650. Read More


  • Type 35mm SLR
  • Lens mount Canon EF lens mount
  • Focus TTL Phase Detection Autofocus
  • Exposure Program, Aperture priority, Shutter priority and depth-of-field autoexposure; match-needle manual
  • 6 zone evaluative or 6.5% partial metering
  • Flash Hot shoe only
  • Frame rate 3 frame/s too
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Review by Ken Rockwell

All you have to do is pop in film, close the door, and start shooting. Everything is already set up the way you want it. Bravo!

The EOS 650 and EOS 620 are a lot easier than I imply with all the detail below. Just load and shoot.

Most of the controls are locked out and set to their defaults in full auto [  ] mode. Use the A mode if you want to fiddle with settings.

Overview by

The EOS 650 is totally unlike any other autofocus 35mm SLR on the market when it made its debut at the 1987 PMA Show. The camera marked the beginning of a new era for Canon. It was the first of a whole new series of AF 35mm SLR cameras designed from the ground up from an entirely new concept as conceived by Canon, where the camera, lenses and system accessories are fully integrated with one another through a new, fully electronic lens mount interchange for the first time. The EOS (Electro-Optical System) concept is a very thoughtful, two-tiered approach to camera development. It involves finding the best way to integrate creative power into the camera, making it easier for the user to put that power to work. So, like its namesake, the Greek Goddess of Dawn, the EOS concept marked a new beginning, in this case the making of new technological advances and creative power to be easily accessible for beginners, amateurs, advanced amateurs and professionals

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Type: Canon SLR camera

Vendor: Canon