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Canon FTb QL Full manual SLR camera 35mm with 50mm F1.8


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SR No#: 986791


The Canon FTb was introduced by canon in March 1971. It is a mid-range mechanical 35mm SLR designed to use the FD-fitting lenses from the Canon F-1 range. In fact it is very similar to Canon FT with the difference the FTb uses FD instead of FL lenses.

The QL badge on the front denoted Canon's Quick Load system; the film was placed across the takeup-spool and the back closed; the film was automatically wound around the spool when the advance lever was operated.

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  • Made in Japan
  • Single lens reflex (SLR)
  • Focal plane shutter
  • Cannon FD 55 mm F1.2 S.S.C
  • FD 50 mm F1.4 A, A2, and B
  • Magnifier S
  • Dioptric adjustment lenses
  • Fresnel lens and micro prism focusing
  • 0.85× field of view at infinity
  • Battery check
  • FD Lens Mount
  • Shutter speed 1/1000 second to 1 second
  • Film speed ASA 25 to ASA 2000
  • CdS Photocell exposure meter

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The Canon FTb is an unusually practical match-needle body for use with all FD, FL and R lenses. It's shutter is super-smooth and its meter works much better than most other similar cameras of its era.read more


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Type: 35mm Film Camera

Vendor: Canon