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Canonet G III QL17 35mm Rangefinder Camera - *user condition*


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Overall condition 5.5/10, fire fine but only on manual mode , lens has fungus and clear, light meter not working, comes with 6 months warranty

Serial number:  K38423


The Canon G-III QL-17 Film Camera is a compact 35mm camera with faster f/2 lenses, armed with automatic exposure and manual override. With manual override, the user can switch from automatic exposure mode to a manual exposure mode, where both the aperture and shutter speed can be set as per the userÂ’s need. Loading a film into Canon G-III QL-17 Film Camera is very easy with CanonÂ’s fast "QL" Quick Loading film feature. A detailed in-camera illustration is included with the "QL" Quick Loading film feature. The Canon G-III QL-17 Film Camera has a hot shoe option too for fitting with its external Canolite D flash. With Canolite D flash, flash operation becomes automatic.


Shutter: Copal shutter 1/4 - 1/500 X-flash sync at all speeds
Metering System: CdS cell mounted above lens on lensmount Shutter priority and full manual exposure. Needle in viewfinder gives current aperture EV x- xx(at ISO 100)
Apertures: f/1.7 ~ f/16 manual


Reviewed by 

Cheyenne Morrison

Firstly, the name is a bit of a mouthful, but every part of this camera’s long name actually means something:

  • QL stands for Quick Loading, a clever system that makes loading film fast and foolproof
  • 17 refers to the six-element 40mm f/1.7 lens, highly praised for its “Leica-like” sharpness and ability to focus as close as 2.6 feet
  •  G means “grade up” and recognizes quality improvements over the earlier Canonet QL17
  •  III represents the third (and final) generation of Canonets

Secondly, although it’s often dubbed the “Poor Man’s Leica” this is a fantastic little camera which can stand shoulder to shoulder with much more expensive rangefinder cameras. The Canonet GIII QL17 was Canon’s best-selling camera for over 11 years, and is the world's top selling rangefinder (with inbuilt light meter) a record unlikely to be broken.

For me the attraction to buying this camera was its classis 70s styling. When I take this out around the town, it elicits admiration from people who don’t even know anything about cameras. There was a saying in the early days of flight that if a plane “looked right, it will fly right”. Well this little camera just looks the business, a no-nonsense camera, which just oozes vintage style. For me, who grew up in the 60s and 70s modern camera no matter how good the quality of the image just feel like cheap, plastic rubbish. There is something extraordinary satisfactory in holding a rangefinder camera; the weight and metal construction, the quality of construction and the fact it doesn’t even need a battery to work means this is something that was made before designed obsolescence. If - God willing - film is still around in 100 years you can still create document the world with a rangefinder camera.

The Canonet QL17 GIII is the last Canonet produced, and the culmination of Canon’s quest for a better camera.  In recent years it has attracted a cult following, and has received glowing reviews from litany of rangefinder enthusiasts such as The Mijonju Show, Steve Huff, Chase Jarvis and of course Bellamy Hunt, the Japan Camera Hunter who owns multiple black models.

There are two variants of the camera, one produced in Taiwan, and the other produced in Japan. The black lacquer model is the rarest and most sought after of all, which is likely to cost you 3-4 times the cost of an ordinary chrome model.  However, don’t get too obsessed about just owning a black model, or even the GIII. The earlier models are still very fine cameras, and the only difference between the QL17 and the GIII is that it has a battery indicator light.





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Type: 35mm Film Camera

Vendor: Canon