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Contax G2 Rangefinder with Carl Zeiss 28mm Biogon f2.8 lens


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Overall condition Body: 9/10 Finder clear, all functions working perfectly, some small marks from use.

Overall condition 9/10 Carl Zeiss 28mm f2.8 Biogon: No scratches, no haze, no fungus, no fog, smooth focus, has tiny dust (will no effect picture)

serial number (body) : 017816

Extras* Original box, instruction, original warranty card and receipt, leather strap

Comes with 6 months warranty. 


The Contax G2 is the world's most advanced rangefinder camera. It is a superbly refined electronic, autofocus 35mm camera with the world's best optics. It also offers auto exposure, auto loading, advance and rewind, and TTL metering for both flash and ambient light.

When new, the Contax G2 was a rich-man's travel and vacation camera. The G2 and 45mm f/2 lens sold as a promotion.

The modern, smooth, autofocus Contax G2 system is significantly more advanced and refined than the 1950s-based manual focus LEICA system of today.

The Contax G2 is a joy to use and shoot. It is tight, precise and fast. Autofocus and metering just work, and the film advances quietly and smartly after each shot. I wish the LEICA M9 were this refined.

The optics of the Contax G2 are equal or superior to Leica lenses, and far superior to Nikon or Canon lenses.

The Zeiss lenses are extraordinary. When you shoot 25MP-equivalent resolution scans from NCPS as I do, the results are much sharper than I get from my Nikons. The Zeiss lenses are clearly superior at large print sizes, with far less distortion.

The G2 is a lot more than you'd expect. Even if it's technical performance wasn't so fantastic, you'll be won over by its superb ergonomics.

The G2 just shoots.

It's the fastest, easiest, smoothest rangefinder camera ever designed.

Likewise, the Zeiss lenses are the best on earth. Zeiss also makes lenses for the satellites that can read the numbers off golf balls from space. Leica doesn't.



Electronic 35mm film (24x36mm) rangefinder camera.

Electronic autofocus.

Motorized advance and rewind.

 Lens Mount        

Contax G; not compatible with anything else.


There are two AF systems: a coarse, high-speed active infra-red system that instantly gets pretty good focus even in total darkness, and so long as there is light (LV 3-19), a second passive high-precision AF system gets perfect focus. These two systems get great focus almost instantly most of the time.

A motor in the body focuses each lens via a mechanical screw.

The lens position resets for each shot!


Focal plane, multi-blade vertical metal.

Auto: 16s - 1/6,000 sec.

Manual settings: 4s - 1/4,000 and bulb.

Bulb: Counts-up seconds on frame counter LCD. Counts up to 59 and resets to count up again. This is almost useless because that LCD is unlit.

Bracketed Manual: The bracketing function can call up a range from 8s - 1/6,000 as it needs to.

Maximum shutter speed with flash (sync speed): 1/200 marked, 1/180 actual.

PC flash sync terminal.

Remote release only with electronic Cable Switch L, not with standard cable releases.

10 second self-timer.


Measured off gray shutter curtain.

Lower center-weighted TTL.


    Rated: LV 1~19 (f/2 lens).

    Rated LV 3~19 with 16mm lens (f/8) and external meter port.

It reads to much lower levels in practice.

 Frame Rate        

4 FPS (CH) or 2 FPS (CL).


The finder is a big peephole with dioptometric adjustment from -2D to +0.3D.

It pokes out for easy viewing without having to push your nose against the back of the G2.

90% coverage.

It changes magnification with lens choice:

Lens Finder


90mm 114%

45mm 57%

35mm 44%

28mm 35%


Two CR2 3V Lithium.Rated 80 rolls 24-exposure.

ISOs and CFNs seem to be nonvolatile, remembering their values even if you remove the CR2 batteries.


5.5 x 3.2 x 1.8 inches (139 x 80 x 45mm) WHD.


21.360 oz. (605.5g), as I measure it with batteries and 36-exposure film, but no lens, strap or caps.

This is halfway between the LEICA M7 (22.2 oz/631g ) and LEICA M9(20.9oz/593g).

Contax specifies 19.2 oz (560g) stripped naked, with no batteries, film or anything.


Champagne Titanium, standard.

Black, less common.



Sample photos Jed Rann



Type: 35mm Camera

Vendor: Contax