Contax G1 with Carl Zeiss Planar 28mm f/2.8 (With 6 months warranty)


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Body condition: 8/10 no film counter, 
Lens condition: 9.5/10 Near Mint, no scratches, no fungus, no dust, no fog, no haze, smooth auto focus! Includes lens hood, lens hood cap and back cap. 
All with 6 months warranty. 
  • Focusing:
    • Auto: open-loop (non-TTL) autofocus system, single or continuous, w/ AF illuminator
    • Manual: via a calibrated manual focus wheel on the top plate, w/ two scales for different lenses
  • Shutter: Electronically controlled vertical travel focal plane shutter
    • Speeds: 16-1/2000 in auto and 1-1/2000 in manual
    • Manual shutter speeds are on the same dial as the Auto position, w/exposure compensation
  • Exposure meter: TTL Aperture Priority Autoexposure center weighted average metering, or manual
  • AE Lock: With main switch or half release
  • ABC Lever: The built-in Automatic Bracketing Control
  • Viewfinder: Real image viewfinder, coupled with mounted lenses(zoom rangefinder).
  • Display Panel: Photographic data in large LCD panel in the viewfinder.
  • Film loading: Auto loading and advance to first frame , reads DX speeds, ISO 25-5000
  • Film Speed/Down Button: The DX contacts can be manually overridden here in order to set a particular ISO 6-6400
  • Winding: Auto with built-in motor
  • Drive Mode Selector: single exposure, continuous shooting, self-timer, or multiple exposure

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Contax G system review by Ken Rockwell:


"The Contax G system offers seven interchangeable lenses, fast autofocus, autoexposure, TTL light and flash metering, and automatic high-speed film advance and rewind. It was a breakthrough when introduced in the 1990s, and nothing has come close ever since. Leica slept through the whole thing.

The ads of the time touted the great lenses, but so what. What makes the Contax G system so much fun is how fast and easy it shoots. Unlike shooting a manual rangefinder camera like the Nikon SP, which takes me a whole day to get through one roll of film in great pain, the G system works so fast and effortlessly I blow through film quickly.

Since the older cameras take so much out of me with manual fiddling, my one roll of film a day is loaded with nothing but sucky pictures. I can blast though a roll of film on the Contax quickly and have a lot of fun doing it, so the plentiful results from the Contax G system are also much better pictures than I'd make on the more primitive cameras... read more here.




photo credit Gary Wong.

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