Contax RTS 35mm film SLR camera, With Carl Zeiss Tessar 45mm f2.8 lens.


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Condition body 7/10, Lens Condition 9/10. (Comes with 6 months warranty)


In 1973 the Contax name was licensed to the Japanese maker Yashica to create a prestigious brand of 35mmcameras and interchangeable lenses in cooperation with the German company. By that time, Yashica was a production giant with considerable electronic camera experience, and was seeking ways to expand sales and improve brand name recognition in the highly competitive 35mm SLR market. Thus began ‘Top Secret Project 130’, a collaboration with Carl Zeiss to produce a new, professional 35mm SLR with an electronically-controlled shutter, bearing the Contax brand name, along with a new line of premium quality lenses. The F. Alexander Porsche Group was hired to complete an ergonomic and styling study of the new camera. The result was the all-new Contax RTS, which appeared at Photokina in 1974, and proved an immediate hit.

The RTS featured an electronically-controlled, horizontal cloth focal plane shutter with speeds of 1 - 1/2000 sec. plus B, interchangeable focus screens, and the ability to accept a number of professional accessories including power winders, professional motor drives, and both infrared and radio-controlled remote releases.




  • Lens mount: Contax/Yashica mount. Does not make use of MM lens shutter priority. There are several Zeiss and Yashica lenses for the camera.
  • Lens release: by a small button on the right of the lens flange
  • Shutter: Electronic focal-plane, horizontal-travel cloth
  • Shutter speeds: Auto mode - 4-1/2000 Manual mode - 14 settings of 4-1/2000 +B.
    • setting: dial beneath the re-wind lever, A and speeds numbers for manual setting
  • Shutter release: Real Time Electromagnetic Release System, aux. via Release Socket (electronic), on the top plate beside cocking lever
  • Cable release socket:on the back of the top plate
  • Cocking lever: also winds the film, 140 degrees stroke, retractable, winding possible with several short strokes
  • Exposure meter: TTL center-weighted metering at full aperture using SPD (silicon photo diode).
    • Exposure modes: Aperture priority automatic exposure and manual exposure
    • EV range -1-19 at ASA 100.
    • ASA film range 12-3200. Setting dial on the right of the top plate, lift and turn
    • Exposure setting: set the shutter speed Auto or manual, then press continuously the exposure check front button over the self-timer lever, a red LED dot appears in the right of the speeds index, automatic setting of the shutter speed corresponding the number in the index, if a second LED dot appears automatic setting of shutter speed is between the numbers on the index; In manual speeds mode if the red dot is over or under the setting of yours, the exposure is not correct, you must correct it by turning aperture ring or speeds dial; Indeed, there is a line of 16-dot LED parallel to speeds index.
    • Exposure compensation: +2 EV ~ -2 EV , via exposure compensation dial beneath the ASA setting: 1/2 stop clicks using unusual system of x4 to x1/4. X4 means "times 4" or 2 stops.
  • Viewfinder: Eye-level SLR penta-prism - field shows 92% of picture area
  • Viewfinder display:
    • Speed scale with a pointer on the right side. Green pointer overlaps "A" setting on Auto; or indicates shutter setting on manual.
    • Aperture display on the top side, and f-stop in use in green figure
    • Exposure compensation tab appears when the exposure compensation pointer is set at any position except X1
  • Focusing screen: Micro-prism standard - six others available
  • DOF button: on the right lover of the lens flange
  • Mirror lock: Lever on the left of the lens flange
  • Re-wind lever: folding crank type, and film rewind release button under the crank
  • Re-wind release: by a button on the bottom plate
  • Frame counter: Auto resets, advance type, window beside the cocking lever
  • Multiple exposures: Depression of the film rewind button
  • Self-timer:Mechanical , 10 sec. delay
  • Hot-shoe
  • Flash PC socket:on font of the body, Synch speed 1/60
  • Strap lugs
  • Back cover: Hinged, removable, opens by pulling film rewind knob all the way out.
  • Tripod socket: 1/4"
  • Battery: 6.2v silver-oxide battery (544 or PX28), or 6v alkaline-manganese 4LR44.
  • Battery chamber: on the bottom plate
  • Battery check: by small button on the back of the top plate, and red LED beside the cocking lever
  • Couplings for motor drive and winder on the bottom plate
  • Engraving on the bottom plate: Yashica Japan
  • Body: metal; Weight: 700g wo/ lens


Carl Zeiss Tessar 45mm f2.8 lens:

Exceptional sharpness in the classic Tessar 4-element design. It has an extremely small size and is light weight. Slightly wider than "Standard" lenses for application in all types of photography.

'Im in love with this lens.

It's very sharp and contrasty and has a focal length that is appropriate for a wide variety of situations.

The lens particularly impresses me with its sharpness at all apertures. I got this lens with a Contax Aria and they make a first-rate combination for travel. This little 45mm Tessar has produced so many "keepers" for me that I feel like it is becoming indispensable. I have bigger zooms that cover the 45mm range, but the color rendition, contrast and sharpness of the Contax 45mm Tessar seem to be the most satisfying.





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