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Hanimex Praktica Nova IB SLR Camera - Oreston 50mm f/1.8


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7/10 Overall condition, comes with 6 months warranty

Serial No # 375401

Lens Serial No # 3783 420


The Praktica Nova IB (also known as Praktika nova) was made from 1964 to 1969. It was a thorough design rework of Praktica IV and Praktica V, the first Praktica models with fixed pentaprism eye-level finder. The Praktica Nova got a lower body than its predecessors since its rapid film-wind lever was moved from bottom to top and the pentaprism housing was lower. The camera's shutter release button was repositioned ergonomically into the front side, a feature taken over from the Contax S of Zeiss-Ikon. A characteristic feature of the Nova series was the little film type reminder dial on top of the film advance lever. The camera's constructor was Herbert Welzel.

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  • Focal Cloth Plane Shutter
  • Pentaprism eye level finder
  • Top shutter speed of 500 
  • Oreston 50mm f/1.8

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Type: 35mm Camera

Vendor: Pentax