Canon EOS Rebel S SLR Camera w/ 50mm f/1.8 STM Lens

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Canon EOS Rebel S SLR Camera with Canon 50mm f/1.8 Lens kit

All cameras come with 6 months warranty.

In this kit:

1) Canon EOS Rebel S SLR Body 
2) Canon 50mm f/1.8 Lens
3) Canon lens cap



The perfect camera to get your digital to analogue journey started. Often copping flack for being a cheaper build camera, these cameras are a gun with the right lens combination! Paired with the fabulous Canon nifty fifty you are sure to get some 

This camera looks and feels like a modern Canon DSLR, but it uses 35mm film. Having full auto mode as well as manual, aperture priority, shutter priority and program functions as well as many different shooting modes, this camera is super simple to use.

There are not too many changes in this model compared to the original. A few new features include compatibility with ETTL type flash. It still has the same 1/90 of a sec sync speed of the previous model, but when equipped with a Canon Speedlight such as the 380EX, 220EX it can be used at 1/2000 of a sec. Focus has improved a bit as as a AF assist light is now available. Auto Exposure Bracketing (AEB) can be use from -2 to ++2 in 1/2 stop increments. The command dial now has a easier to access night scene mode. The body is able to use the BP-8 vertical grip that can also accept four AA batteries.


  • Format: 24 x 36mm standard 35mm (135) film format
  • Lens mount: Canon EF
  • Shutter: Electronically controlled vertical-travel focal-plane shutter; 1/2000 sec. to 20 sec.
  • Focus: Auto Focus / Manual Focus
  • ISO: 6-6400
  • Modes: M, Av, Tv, P, Auto, A-DEP, Portrait, Landscape, Macro, Sport, Night portrait
  • Display: LCD
  • Batteries: CR123A x2
  • Dimensions: 149 x 96 x 70mm; weight approx. 370g (without lens)