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Ricoh 500G SLR Camera with 40mm 1:2.8 Lens


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X/10 overall condition, comes with 6 months warranty.

Ricoh 500G SLR Camera with 40mm 1:2.8 Lens

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The Ricoh 500G is an excellent little 35mm film rangefinder. The 40mm Rikenon lens is outstanding being very sharp and with good contrast. The camera is a solidly built compact rangefinder camera made in the early 1970s. At just 420g it is also one of the lightest and best featured. If you are looking for a small rangefinder to fit your coat pocket when walking or cycling the Ricoh 500G fits the bill nicely.

This camera has both shutter priority automatic and manual. The meter operates in both manual or automatic modes. The only way of switching off the meter is to move the shutter speed ring on the lens barrel around to the B setting. Otherwise, you will be running the battery down needlessly. On the subject of batteries, the Ricoh 500G runs on alkaline LR44W 1.55v button cells. The correct original batteries were 1.35v mercury cells but these are not made anymore. The slight difference in voltage doesn’t matter that much if using negative film because there is at least a stop or so of leeway when the film is processed.   Read More


  • Produced 1972 Taiwan Ricoh Co., Ltd
  • Film type 135 (35mm)
  • Picture size 24mm x 36mm
  • Weight 14.8oz (420g)
  • Lens Ricoh Rikenon 40mm 1:2.8-16
  • Filter size 46mm
  • Focal range .9m to infinity
  • Shutter mechanical shutter
  • Shutter speeds 1/8-1/500
  • ASA 25-800
  • Viewfinder coupled rangefinder
  • Exposure meter lens mounted CdS with viewfinder needle (aperture)
  • Battery originally 1.3v PX675 mercury
  • Self-timer
  • Fast-action wind lever
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  2. http://mattsclassiccameras.com/rangefinders-compacts/ricoh-500g/

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Type: 35mm Camera

Vendor: Ricoh