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Mamiya 6 - 6x6 Medium Format Rangefinder Camera with 75mm f/3.5 Lens

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Mamiya 6 + 75mm : 

Body Serial Number : 307916

Lens Serial Number : 312404


Ever wanted to dive into the magical world of medium format photography but didn't want to commit to one of those MASSIVE RZ67's. Same.

Enter stage left: The Mamiya 6 Rangefinder Camera!

This sleek camera is super compact for a medium format. Coupled with it's folding lens, this makes for a perfect travelling companion. The 75mm focal range is pretty wide for my tastes but when you've got that sweet 6x6 format, yum!

Now for those of you who like to nerd out on the trivia... This bad boy was released in 1989 so you could say that was a pretty sweet year (if I do say so myself). Aged in it's 30's, this sleek bit of technology still appears as young as ever. The camera itself is easy and fast to use and makes sharp images due to the silent and vibration free electronic leaf shutters and rangefinder-design lenses. I've found plenty of resources on youtube and google getting started with this beast. This is coming from someone who was terrified to jump into the medium format world. There's a couple of other lenses you can buy for this Mamiya 6; the 50mm f/4 and the 150mm f/4. I wouldn't mind giving that 150mm a whirl for some portraits if I could get my hands on one.

All in all, this camera is SLEEK. I would buy one myself if I had some spare coin lying around. Jump on it, this beauty won't be around for long.        - Stacey, FND.


Camera name Mamiya 6
Camera type Interchangeable lens rangefinder
Format 6×6 120, 220 medium format roll film (12/24 exposures)
Manufacturer Mamiya Digital Imaging Co., Ltd
Manufacture dates 1940-1960: Mamiya 6
1989-1993: “New” Mamiya 6
1993-1995: Mamiya 6 MF
Lens mount Mamiya 6
Lenses Mamiya 6 G 50mm f/4 L
Mamiya 6 G 75mm f/3.5 L
Mamiya 6 G 150mm f/4.5 L
Rangefinder Coupled
60mm base length
34.8mm effective base length
Viewfinder x0.58 (83%) magnification
Parallax compensation
Automated frame line selection: 50mm, 75mm, 150mm
Shutter speed and exposure display
Safety interlock warning L.E.D.
Shutter #00 electronic leaf shutter; B, 4 to 1/500 second with electromagnetic release and lock
Electronic Self-timer
Internal “dark slide” for mid-roll lens change
Metering Aperture priority AE
Silicon Photo Diode receptor in viewfinder
ISO range: 25-1600 ISO
Metering range: EV 3.5 to EV 18
Exposure compensation: +2 to – 2 EV (in 1/2 EV increments)
Flash X-Sync (synchronized at all speeds)
Hot Shoe and PC-Sync socket
Wind / Rewind Single 185° wind-on stroke
Counter resets after black is opene
Loading Swing open back load with locking mechanism
Finish Black
Power Two 1.5V batteries (SR44 or LR44)
Weight 900 grams (no lens)
1,150 grams (with 75mm lens)
Dimensions With 75mm lens retracted:
155 x 109 x 69mm (WxHxD)With 75mm lens retracted:
155 x 109 x 106mm (WxHxD)
Misc. 3 strap mount points allow easy vertical or horizontal carrying

 Threaded cable release socket