Mamiya C3 Professional 120 6X6 Medium format TLR (Twin lens reflex)


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Mamiya C3 Professional is an interchangeable lens TLR camera manufactured by Mamiya

Want a light-weight TLR with a bright focus screen, interchangeable lenses and viewfinders and the ability to shoot at portrait distance without the use of close-up filters? Then this is your camera! The Mamiya C220 is one of the many models of C-series Mamiya TLR's. Made in the 1970's through until the 1980's, the C220 is the lightest in the range, featuring a simplified film advance system that saved on weight. Like all C series TLRs, it features interchangeable lenses ranging from a 55mm wide-angle to 250mm telephoto. The camera accepts both 120 and 220 rollfilms, shooting on a 6x6 format. The rack and pinion focusing system with a bellows makes it possible for close-up photography without attachments. The straight film path has no sharp turns for absolute flatness of the film. The Mamiya twin lens reflex cameras are among the very few medium-format TLR cameras with interchangeable lenses (the only other I know of model being the Koni Omegaflex)


Category: 120 camera films

Type: 120 Camera

Vendor: Mamiya