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Pentax K1000 SLR Camera with XR Rikenon 50mm f/2.0 Lens


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8/10 overall condition, comes with 6 months warranty.

Serial No.: #6315570

Lens serial No.: #124369


The K1000 is the simplest member of Asahi Optical's Pentax K-series SLRs, whose other members are the Pentax K2, KM, and KX, all introduced in 1975, and the K2 DMD (1976). All have the same basic body design, but with differing feature levels, internal electronics, and external controls and cosmetics.
It uses a horizontal travel, rubberized silk cloth focal plane shutter with a speed range of 1/1000 second to 1 second, along with Bulb and a flash X-sync of 1/60 second. It is 91.4 millimetres tall, 143 mm wide, and 48 mm deep, and weighs 620 grams. The body was finished in black leather with chrome trim only, although early production Pentax K1000 SE bodies had brown leather with chrome trim.
The introductory US list price for the K1000 body with SMC Pentax 55 mm f/2 lens was $299.50. In 1983, a K1000 with SMC Pentax-M 50 mm f/2 lens listed for $220; in 1988, the body only was $210, but $290 with SMC Pentax-A 50 mm f/2; in 1993, the body only was $263. The body was priced at $315 in 1994 and remained there until discontinued. Note that SLRs usually sold for 30 to 40 percent below list price.

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  • Through-the-lens full-aperture metering.
  • Instant-return mirror.
  • Single 360º rotating shutter speed dial.
  • Full-aperture coupled metering.
  • ASA setting on shutter dial with automatic ASA lock.
  • Full-aperture viewing with fully automatic diaphragm (closes down to set shooting aperture and reopens to full aperture automatically for every shot).
  • Bright Fresnel focusing screen with microprism center spot (also additional split-image on K1000 SE).
  • "Pure Image" finder with no distractions except the meter/zone system needle.
  • Automatic double-exposure prevention.
  • Shutter-cocked indicator.
  • Combined shutter cock and film-wind lever.

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Reviewed By: Josh

The K1000 is, confusingly enough, Pentax’s crown jewel. Why is this confusing? The camera was never intended to be the brand’s flagship model, nor was it heavily advertised or promoted by the company. It was designed as a low-spec body for amateurs, relegated to play second fiddle to the more full-featured KM. But even though it was intended as a second-rate camera, the K1000 became far and away their most popular and long-lived machine, selling millions of copies spanning its introduction in 1976 to its culmination in 1997. This impressive twenty-one year production run is rivaled by few cameras, most notably by the professional Nikon F3, a camera seemingly more deserving of this unusual success.

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