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Pentax Zoom 70R (35-70mm zoom) Auto Focus Point and Shoot


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8.5/10 overall condition comes with 6 months warranty

Serial Number: 3902801


The Zoom 70-R camera was a film camera produced by Pentax in the early 90s. It was designed to take 35mm, Cartridge Roll film. The camera requires 2, CR123A batteries. Unloaded, the camera weighs 395g , with batteries 427g. Features include tripod socket, auto focus, and integrated anti red eye flash.


Film type: 135
Maximum number of exposures: 36
Frame format (metric): 24 x 36 mm 
Original lens type: Zoom
Original length: 35 - 70 mm
Focusing mode: Autofocus

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Surprisingly it is the apparently rare Zoom 70-S and is great, and it set up my love of photography. I am now in my late teens and, although not earning enough to buy top of the range new stuff, I stuck with the Pentax 35mm idea and bought a second hand MZ-30 SLR, which is a quality piece of kit imo. The old 70-S still has a special place in my heart though, and not wanting to let it rot in a drawer somewhere, still often pack it in the camera bag and use it for b/w film, for which it performs equally well.

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Type: Point and Shoot Camera

Vendor: Pentax