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*Expired Kodak T-MAX P3200 B&W (35mm, 36 exp.)

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*Expiration Date: October 2019

Kodak's T-MAX P3200 (3200TMAX) Black & White Film (35mm, 36 exp.) film is a multi-speed continuous-tone panchromatic black-and-white negative film that combines high to ultra-high film speeds with finer grain than that of other fast black-and-white films. It is especially useful for very fast action; for dimly lighted scenes where you can’t use flash; for subjects that require good depth of field combined with fast shutter speeds; and for handholding telephoto lenses for fast action or in dim light. It is an excellent choice for night-time photography.


Film Type: Black & White
Film Format: 35mm
ISO: 3200
Exposures: 36
Development Process: Black & White
Expiration Date: September 2020


Sample Photos By: Johnny Martyr

References: http://imaging.kodakalaris.com/sites/prod/files/files/products/F4001.pd