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Film Developing Service Mail order


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This product is created for film developing mail orders

If you need your negative back

please add return shipping here to your order. 

Service we provide:

FilmNeverDie Lab provides the following service:

  1. C41 (color) Develop Only                            $7
  2. C41 (color) Develop + Scan                      $13
  3. C41 (color) Develop + Scan (120)             $16
  4. Black and White Develop Only                 $12
  5. Black and White Develop + Scan             $18
  6. Black and White Develop + Scan  (120)   $20

*Postage to us and back to you is not included in the price.

For mail ordering:

  1. Develop only: Sorry, but we don’t provide printing service. We will send ONLY the negatives back to you.
  2. Develop + Scan: We will send the hi-res scans to you via Dropbox.
  3. Do you need us to post your negatives back ? if yes please add this postage fee here to the cart.  If not just leave a note to dispose of negs. 

How to do it:

Step 1: Place the correct number of rolls in your shopping cart

Step 2: Checkout to pay for your order, please pay postage if you want your negatives back

Step 3: Print out this form, fill in the order number on your receipt.

Step 4: Fill in the rest of the form accurately.

Step 5: Go to a local post office, send your film and the form to

Gary Wong
(03) 8899 7586
Ground Level, 640 Bourke St
Melbourne 3000



Type: Processing

Vendor: FilmNeverDie