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Film "W" - 25 iso - ortho 35mm film - Film Washi


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Film "W" - 25 iso - ortho
This is the original Washi Film, hand coated on a traditional Kozo paper.

Formats / Size
- film 135 / 35mm format , 16 exposures

Film "W" is an orthochromatic black & white film hand coated on a traditional japanese  paper, the Washi. Made for centuries in  Japan, this paper combines just the right  physical properties with a unique aesthetic: strong, flexible and transparent, Washi is the  ideal medium for creating a hand­crafted  photographic film. 

With high sensitivity to blue, less to the green and no sensitivity  to red light, this film gives best results  with urban, portrait and still life  photography.


Category: Black and White

Type: 35mm camera films

Vendor: Washi