Fujifilm FP-3000B Professional Instant Black & White Film (10 Exposures, Expired)


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Last ditch effort to get some of these expired FP3000B

This box of film has an expiration date of 06/2015.

Get now before its gone!

Limited stock!


This is a 10 sheet box of FP-3000B Professional Instant Black & White Film from Fujifilm. It is a high-quality, fine grained, sharp, instant black-and-white film. Its ISO rating of 3000 makes it perfect for low-light scenarios. This film is suitable for industrial, scientific, ID photography, portraiture and general photographic pursuits.

  • Rich gradation and exceptional resolution
  • Stability and quality you can count on
  • Significantly enhanced film handling efficiency saves precious time
Short Development Times
In comparison with former films, the development time has been shortened by 50% for a 15 second completion at 77°F (25°C)
Fine Grain Quality
Very fine-grain image results in excellent portraiture flesh tones with heightened smoothness
High Gradation Quality
Improved highlights provide excellent tone reproduction to identification and photomicrography imaging
Fuji Instant Camera FP-14/FP-14II/FP-14 DUAL; cameras and other photographic equipment that accept instant film with a photo size of 85 x 108mm, and those provided or fitted with an instant camera back (e.g. Fuji Instant Back PA-1) and Fuji Instant Holder PA-145

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