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Fujica G690 BL 120 with 100mm f.3.5 lens Medium format Rangefinder 6.9


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Overall condition 8/10, lens curtain has been removed. 

Serial number: 1110657


The Fujica G690 BL is a reliable camera which will be a valuable piece of equipment to any photographer's collection. Thanks to its manual focus mode you can capture crisp and clear images of still and moving objects. 


A day at Black Rock with the Fujica G690 BL and Portra 160.

The first thing you will notice when picking up the G690 is the size and weight of the camera - it’s not for the faint of heart. Whilst it is a hefty camera, the tack sharp 100mm f/3.5 lens will likely win you over.
The G690 system isn’t limited to one lens either. From as wide as 50mm or 65mm to 180mm portrait lenses, the G690 will be your workhorse for any type of photography.
Similar to a Hasselblad system- the Fujica lenses themselves contain the shutter, as opposed to having an in-body focal plane shutter like most SLRs. Whilst the leaf shutter caps out at a maximum shutter speed of 1/500, it has the benefit of being able to sync at all speeds. Great for studio work or night-time flash photography.
The Fujinon S 100/3.5 lens has a 72mm filter thread and stops down to f/32. Perfect for shooting landscapes.
The viewfinder is bright and clear, with framelines for both 100mm and 150mm lenses visible. The rangefinder patch is bright and easy to focus with. External viewfinders are available online for those looking to shoot some of the other compatible lenses.
The camera is in good cosmetic condition with some light brassing and scuffs around the edges – it has been used but not abused. The rangefinder is in alignment and the all speeds seem accurate.

Do note: this body does not have a functional in-body curtain to block stray light when changing lenses. You will have to finish your roll or change lenses in a dark bag to avoid exposing the film. The camera is otherwise flawless.
There is a simple knob on the top plate to switch between shooting 120 and 220 roll film and a switch on the back to change between roll film and sheet film settings.


"Fuji decided to make a medium format rangefinder camera after having discussions with Japanese commercial photographers who preferred medium or large format over 35mm, but wanted the easier handling of 35mm rangefinder cameras. The result was the Fujica G690, whose design was based on the 70mm Combat Graphic (used by the US Navy and US Marine Corps in 1944) and the handling of Leica." read more


  • Type: Coupled range/viewfinder camera with interchangeable lens
  • Film: 120mm
  • Rangefinder: Split image coupled rangefinder/viewfinder.
  • Focusing: Direct advance helicoid lens coupled with rangefinder.
  • Height: 166mm, width: 183mm, front to back (with normal lens): 145mm (body thickness = 38mm).
  • Weight: Body only: 1,260g (G690/G690 BL)





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Type: Medium Format Camera

Vendor: Fuji/Fujica