Fujica GW690 Professional 6x9 Medium Format Camera with Fujinon 90mm f/3.5 Lens


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Fujica GW690 Professional 6x9 Medium Format Camera with EBC Fujinon 90mm f3.5 Lens

All cameras come with a 6 month warranty. Please note that this camera's shutter speeds from 1/8s to 1s do not work properly - the shutter does not close after the expected time. The 'T' mode, and speeds from 1/500s to 1/15s however, work fine. The glass is mostly clean with no haze, mould or balsam separation, but does have a few bits of dust in the front element. The finder is mostly clean, but is a little dark and appears to have slight haze. The rangefinder's double image lines up without issue. 

In this kit: 

  1.  Fujica GW690 Professional 6x9 Camera with Fujinon 90mm f/3.5 Lens


The Fujica GW690 Professional was released in November 1978 and has a leaf shutter system. This is a rangefinder camera for 6×9 exposures that shoots 120 or 220 film. It has been given the nickname the 'Texas Leica' given its similarity in design and appearance to the various Leica M-mount rangefinders released over t years, just supersized significantly - hence the 'Texas'. 

The lens is a super sharp, EBC Fujinon, 90mm f/3.5, with five elements in four groups (67mm filter thread). The equivalent focal length for a 35mm camera is roughly 38mm or so - a fantastic focal length suitable for landscapes and street photography. 

The dimensions are 189(W)×119(H)×123(D)mm; it weighs 1430g,

  • Leaf shutter
  • 6×9 negatives on 120/220 film rolls (8/16 exp)
  • f/3.5 – f/32 half-stop increments
  • 1/15s to 1/500s plus T-mode
  • Film length selector (half roll-4 shots, 120-8 shots or 220-16 shots)
  • Hot shoe with a X-Sync connector
  • 1m to infinity focus ring





Type: Medium Format Camera

Vendor: Fuji/Fujica