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Graflex XL + Norita 80mm f/2.8 medium format camera


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The Graflex XL is a medium format, modular press camera system from Graflex, introduced 1965. It was the last camera designed by the company.


There are three different camera bodies available. The most well known is the XL or XLRF with rangefinder focusing. This provides a parallax correcting finder with a 90% view with three frame markings. The outer portion for 80mm, the middle for 100mm and the inner portion for 180mm. XL Standard or XLS body is similar to the RF version but without range finder focusing. Optional finders can be attached if desired. The XL Super Wide or XLSW body is similar to the XLS without a built-in finder but the depth is decreased and designed to uses the 47mm Schneider lens.


A variety of companies manufactured lenses for the system. Rodenstock, Zeiss, and Schneider lenses were made. Each lens contains a shutter, a majority of them were Synchro-Compur shutters with a maximum shutter speed of either 1/400 or 1/500 of a sec.


The back of the camera can accept either the Polaroid instant pack film holder or a Graflok adapter. Film holders with Graflok back my then be attached. Roll film options include 120 film backs covering 6x9, 6x7, 6x6 and a 70mm film back (6x7) is also available. Sheet film in size 2 1/4" x 3 1/4" can also be used -Read more


  • xlsw Camera Body (7301) xl Lens-47mm Schneider Super Angulon f /8 (7330) xl Graflok Back (7305) xl Sportsfinder (7361) Body Cable Release (7382)
  • Basic outfits with indicated lenses include: xlrf Camera Body (7303) xl Graflok Back (7305) xl Multi-Grip (7383) Optional lenses available with basic outfit above: With 1 OOmm Noritar f/ 3.5 Lens (Outfit # xl-71 0) With 80mm Zeiss Planar f/ 2.8 Lens (Outfit # xl-705) With 1 OOmm Zeiss Planar f / 2.8 Lens (Outfit # xl-706) With 80mm Noritar fl2.8 Lens (Outfit # xl-724)  -Read more 

A review by  Gerhard :

The Graflex XL has been receiving a fair amount of attention in MFD recently; perhaps others would benefit from my own lengthy (since 1976) experience with the camera. The XL is a metal bodied press camera available in both black and chrome versions. It looks and operates *very* much like the Mamiya Press. Every example I have seen is the "XLRF" top mounted rangefinder / viewfinder version, although ads have appeared in Shutterbug for the non-rangefinder variant. What looks like a hot shoe is fitted on top of the rangefinder / viewfinder into which slips an optional sportsfinder. The camera is usually found with a hand grip attached to the left side; a cable release is fitted to the hand grip, allowing the shutter to be fired with the index finger of the left hand.

The rangefinder is contained in the same housing as the viewfinder, along side the viewfinder. The viewfinder has three sets of yellow brackets to delineate wide angle, normal, and telephoto coverage. The lenses used are typical press camera-in-copal shutter type, although they are mounted on a "lens cone" (more like a closed off cylinder). The rear end of the cone slips into the camera akin to a bayonet mount SLR, except instead of turning the lens to lock it in place, the photographer turns a "focusing collar." This collar has three focusing lugs which ride in slots in the lens cone. As the photographer twists the focus collar to the right for a close-up, the lens cone is pushed away from the camera body to achieve focus. Each lens cone is designed for a particular focal length of lens and comes with an integral focusing cam. After switching lenses, the photographer must push a silver button on top of the rangefinder housing. This resets the rangefinder for that particular lens.- Read more





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Type: Medium Format Camera

Vendor: Graflex