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Hasselblad XPan 35mm panoramic rangefinder camera with 45mm f4 lens


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Body serial numbers: #11ss22007

Overall condition #11ss22007: 8.5/10. Some scuffs on body paint. Does not affect functionality.

Comes with 6 months warranty.


When people ask me why I like shooting with the XPan, the response is single minded – everything looks cool in panoramic forma. The interesting proportions of the format can make up for weakness in your composition technique. Movies look great in 16:9 format – it is pleasing to the eye. Panoramic format is the same. Point it, get the rangefinder spot lined up, and shoot. read more here


The Hasselblad Xpan is a panoramic 35mm (manual focus) rangefinder camera. A standard 35mm frame is 24mm x 36mm. The Xpan frame is 24mm x 65mm, a little bit less than twice as wide as a standard frame. You can swap between standard and panoramic formats at the flick of a switch. The Xpan boasts an aperture priority/ exposure compensation mode and all manual exposure option. The camera’s external body is made from titanium and aluminium. While it is only 1cm taller than a Leica M camera, it is relatively wide due to the wide-format shutter size. These dimensions and finish give the camera some heft. With the oft-used 45mm lens on the front, the camera weighs 1085 grams. read more here


  • manual ISO dial (with DX-coding option),
  • PC sync port,
  • top-mount hot shoe,
  • standard tripod socket,
  • continuous mode of 2fps,
  • self-timer,
  • basic auto-bracketing option,
  • LCD frame counter,
  • rear LCD display (shutter speed or ISO information visible,
  • LCD illumination button,
  • Automatic rewind button.


85% coverage


Speeds from 8s - 1/1000s, flash sync at 1/125

Single, continuous or timed shooting modes.

2 fps in continuous (panoramic mode), 3 fps in continuous standard format.

Aperture priority or Manual modes available.


Both bodies come with the 45mm f4 lens. (roughly 27mm standard equivalent)


Very accurate TTL center-weighted metering. 







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