Instant Flex TL70 Lens Set

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  • The TL70 lens set includes ND Filters (ND2, ND4, ND8), a Close-up Lens and a Lens Hood. This Lens Set is one of your must-have items to complete your TL70 journey. Unleash your creativity and maximise full potential of TL70!
  • 1. ND filters - ND2, ND4, ND8
  • Get more accurate exposed shots by using different Neutral Density filters from ND2 to ND8. It can help reduce any extra light entering the camera and avoid over-exposure under bright sunlight. You can even use a larger aperture such as f/5.6 to enjoy shallow depth‑of‑field now. ND filters are your perfect accessories for outdoors shooting and slow shutter shot.
  • 2. Close up lens
  • Get intimate with the subject to as close as 18cm. You can achieve even more shallow depth-of-field using the close up lens.
  • 3. Lens hood
  • Use on the lower lens to reduce unwanted levels of glare due to the Sun or other lights. It can also protect the lens from scratches and damages.

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